As the Egyptian tourism market returns to normal, The Independent newspaper has reported that it is the resort of Hurghada that is emerging in place of the previously popular Sharm el-Sheik.

Airline EasyJet has just introduced its summer flights schedule which includes two flights a week to Hurghada International Airport from Gatwick on Mondays and Fridays.

The schedule has shown Hurghada flights are in demand and the recent Egyptian uprising has not put people off. This is mainly due to Hurghada not been effected by the recent revolution and business is running as usual.

Sharm el-Sheik’s high profile was due to the many international hotel brands investing in the area and large tour operators becoming attracted to the city.

Recent reports of shark attacks and the ex-president Mubarak taking up residency in Sharm el-Sheik, has seen the popular tourist destination lose its shine.

Now the attention has been turned to Hurghada, which is only 88km away from Sharm el-Sheik.

Hurghada, which is on the Egyptian mainland, is more traditional compared to its neighbour. The city centre, Dahar, has many shisha cafes, bazaars and markets.

Hurghada is in a good location and access to other cities on the mainland is relatively straight forward. Hurghada is only a three hour drive to Luxor and five hours to Cairo.

The area is not only becoming popular with the British but also Russians and eastern Europeans, creating a very vibrant city.

Along the coast of Hurghada there are many resorts which have become incredibly popular with property investors including Samra Bay Marina & Spa Resort and Royal Beach.

With many low entry projects becoming very popular with people looking for a value for money bolt hole in the sun, the company leading the way with these low entry developments are offering the Tiba family of developments, like Tiba Gardens, Tiba Star and Tiba Palace.

Another area that has become popular with property buyers is El Gouna. It is 22km north of Hurghada and has luxurious apartments, villas and upmarket hotels.

The pretty resort has its own man-made blue lagoons and has become known as the “Venice of Egypt”. The resort boasts a free cinema, international schools, two golf courses and two university satellites.

18km south of Hurghada’s airport is Sahl Hasheesh which was until recently a protected military zone. Now it is quickly becoming a luxurious place for boutique hotels, residential developments such as the Ocean Breeze, Sun Gate and Mamma Mia developments, which will all be situated on a 12km curved beach-lined bay.

Hurghada is attracting visitors who want to have a bit of culture tourism and some relaxing time by the sea. This is what is making Hurghada the top choice of places to visit by people who would have usually gone to Sharm el-Sheik.

Source: The Independent