79k tourists arrive to Hurghada

79k tourists arrive to Hurghada

Within the first two weeks of August 79,000 tourists have visited Hurghada from all around the world. The Germans are the largest group of tourists.

According to statistics from the Egyptian Travel Agencies Association, tourists from 25 countries have arrived to Hurghada; topping the list of countries as usual is Germany with around 36,000 tourists. Most have arrived within the last 13 days only, followed by Ukraine with more than 6 thousands. The Czechs are a tourist group of more than 5 thousand, and England and Poland with around 5 thousand tourists each.

A long waited, yet expected revival of tourism has arrived in the gorgeous city that overlooks the Red Sea. Waves of tourists are expected to continue; as Ehab Shokry, the owner of a travel agency stated to Egypt Today. Hurghada is becoming the top travel destination to German tourists, who represent around 50 percent of the tourists. More German tourists are to be expected. The head of tour guides association reported that Germany is looking to direct 102 flights to Hurghada weekly.

Original Post : Egypt Today

Author : Mahmoud Oraby

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