Akbuk, Didim – Turkey

Akbuk, meaning “White Bay”

Akbuk, has all the amenities within the centre and nearby such as shops, petrol station, supermarkets, and a Friday market, selling local fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices, clothes and much, much, more, the market is located right next to the main Akbuk bus station. The busy holiday resort of Altinkum is only a 20 minute drive away, where you will find a very busy thriving popular resort, full of bars, restaurants, and night clubs along its long beach promenade, the local bus service run regularly day and night to this resort, bus stop not required, if they see you they will always toot the horn, wave and they will stop, this is a great and inexpensive way of getting around all the local areas to explore, and the wide variety of near by historical sites such as, The Temple of Apollo, Bafa Lake and National park, Miletos, Priene, Ephusus to name a few.

Akbuk has always been the popular holiday destination for Turkish nationals, they come for the summer months from all the big cities to their second homes, this is why Akbuk keeps its Turkish identity and atmosphere, so now we find it is also becoming popular with many Europeans, as it is not and will never be spoilt buy high or excessive building, one of the main reasons for this is the building regulations, which limits the height of properties to two and a half levels, depending on the elevation, three and a half is the maximum, the land to build is limited to a maximum15% of the total land area, so the developments that are now being constructed in this area will have nice open spaces with pools and landscaped gardens. It does mean in many cases the property prices are higher than in the Didim area due to the land prices being higher as limited building land is available, with this is mind, it makes this an area for good future capital growth.

The closest airport to this area is Bodrum, which is approximately 45 minutes drive, but this travelling time will be reduced by the new road which is presently under construction, and due for completion 2012, Izmir is also an option to use in the winter months, as direct flights are not so frequent yet, to Bodrum, and is 90 Kilometres from Akbuk.

There is also an area across the bay from Akbuk which has now had the proposals passed for an 18 hole golf course with hotel, the plans are being finalised and construction tenders being put forward at present, the dates for this being completed are around 2012, this again will bring a price increase to Akbuk as it is the closest area to the proposed Golf Course location

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