Al Ahyaa Paradise

Al Ahyaa Paradise

Al Ahyaa Paradise


These apartments are being built in Al Ahyaa (as you probably guessed with the name), it is located next door to Tiba Resort so ideally located on the main road to El Gouna. The area is still new so the infrastructure is not as established as other places however, this is reflected in the prices. In Tiba Resort next door there is a cafe, supermarket and other shops in the process of opening, so the area is starting to come alive.

You are also just a short drive to the famous luxury resort of El Gouna ( where you will find everything you need and lots you don’t need but they are available.

There is a central swimming pool which on the renders looks small, when Tom and I went to have a look it is large we have a photo of Tom stood in it.  What sets this apart though from other resorts is the price and the payment plans we have managed to negotiate, this is the lowest priced resort we have ever come across as you will see using the links below. There is no getting away from it though some of these apartments are small so please bare this in mind when looking at this and other resorts, but after years of creating larger apartments for clients on other developments, we think clients should be looking at buying 2, 3 or more units to join together to create a larger bespoke apartment. With the low prices and long payment plans it makes it a very viable option.

Prices from

Studio apartments from $6,857 approx £5,000

1 bed apartments from $12,571 approx £9,000

Payment Plan

After negotiating with the developer face to face when I met him in Dec and since returning via email, we have managed to get our clients the following payment options (others haven’t had these plans):

10% reservation fee

25% on contract signing

15% on completion end of Dec 2019

50% paid interest free in monthly/quarterly payments over 30 months

We can also offer a 5% discount for cash.

As these are sold in US$, the Sterling price is for guidance only, but if paying cash we could get better exchange rates from our brokers in London and save you even more money.


Updated 5th February 2018

Additional buying costs

Independent Solicitor – The lawyer we can recommend charges our clients a range of charges so you can choose how much or how little you want him to do for you as follows:

For due diligence and contract review – £300

For Signature Validation after purchase – £300

If you were to take both full due diligence and Signature Validation as a package and pay together it is only £500 (we recommend all our clients carry out Signature Validation so the package is a good price and saves £100)

Connection to utilities – $300

Furniture – This will depend on what items you require and Rivermead Global have been chosen as the preferred supplier as we have our own furniture company and have been furnishing properties in The Red Sea since 2009. You are of course free to choose your furniture from anywhere, but we will be offering our clients some great deals and special offers when the time comes to furnish.

Maintenance Fees

This is an annual charge which covers the upkeep and maintenance of the communal areas, pool, and the security etc…

The fees are a one off payment which is 15% of the property price, that is all the maintenance fees you need to pay and as this is paid before getting the keys it means everyone will have paid their maintenance and it avoids non payment. This is now being used on a lot of new developments ensuring the maintenance is always carried out and owners can’t avoid paying.

Completion Schedule

Completion is due 31st Dec 2019

Facebook and updates

As with all our developments we will be sending owner’s monthly updates with photos and videos plus we have an Al Ayhaa Paradise Facebook Page and this will soon have an Owners Group linked to it, please go and LIKE this page as we will be uploading new photos and videos to it:

We have our own team on the ground in Hurghada and we can arrange to show you any of our fantastic developments including Al Ahyaa Paradise, plus give you a tour of Hurghada if you are not very familiar with it.  All you need to do is contact us below or click on any of the apartment links above and let us know which one you are interested in, it is as easy as that, we can then email you the plans/payment terms/photos or anything else you require.

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