Bodrum has topped the list as the most popular search term online to book a holiday, according to Rising Stars report 2011.

The report compares the difference in search volume on the company’s website for the first six months of this year compared to 2010.

Bodrum in Turkey has become hugely popular with tourists and has climbed to first place with an impressive increase of 971 per cent.

Thousands of Brits head to Bodrum every year, taking the opportunity of the country’s low ground costs and cheap flights from the UK. travel expert, Nadine Hallak, commented: “The trend shows that travel is still a priority even if budgets are tight. Continued economic slowdown has only served to create new destination trends with consumers literally willing to go the distance in places that will stretch their pounds.”

Other destinations in the report that made it on the list were Greece, Hawaii, Japan and surprisingly Iraq.

The report has shown British holiday makers are happy to take a break and travel abroad despite the country’s struggling economy. People are happy to try new destinations to save money and travel that little bit further.

Turkey has experienced a wave of good news recently with reports of a thriving economy and the latest story from has confirmed it is the most popular choice in the UK to go on holiday.

Turkey property has become a popular investment in recent years due to the country’s popularity and the huge amount of tourists that visit every year.

Turkey is enjoying the limelight at the moment and with all of the recent positive news, it looks like the country is going to be in the spotlight for a while.