The Daily Mail has reported this week that there has been a growing interest in the holiday destination Bodrum in Turkey, which has been described by the newspaper at the new St Tropez.

Tourism is on the rise unlike other destinations in Europe that have proved difficult to sell. EasyJet has reported that Turkey has been their most successful destination this summer.

Bodrum is attracting many UK tourists for its ST Tropez feel but the difference between the posh French location and Bodrum is its outstanding value for money.

Whilst other destinations in Europe are becoming more expensive due to the fall in value of the pound, Turkey is still very affordable and tourists can dine at a restaurant for less than ten pounds.

A survey by Post Office Travel Money has revealed the cost of holiday purchases has risen in Europe. Portugal has risen by 39 per cent, Spain by 41 per cent and Croatia by 47 per cent. Prices in Turkey however have only risen two per cent.

Bodrum does attract the wealthy for its impressive hotels and restaurants. Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christiano Ronaldo have all been spotted in Bodrum this month as well as Saudi royalty. But what’s great about Bodrum is that it caters to the mass market.

Bodrum has seen a rapid pace of development over the past two years as property developers are seeing the country as a great place to invest. The growing interest in the area has proven investors recognise the potential of properties in Bodrum.

Turkey has seen lots of small developments that have been built around the country’s beautiful coves rather than one long strip of large resorts. Turkey still remains an unspoilt place offering lots of culture and that’s why tourists and property buyers are choosing Bodrum as their favourite holiday destination.

Source: Daily Mail