British, German tourists flock to Hurghada, Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam airport welcomed the first British tour coming from Gatwick and Birmingham through the international travel agency Thomas Cook last week.

Marsa Alam airport received around 2,016 passengers from Gatwick to Marsa Alam, while Hurghada airport received about 60 percent of Germany’s flow of tourists to Egypt.

Thomas Cook organizes two weekly tours from Gatwick and Birmingham on an Airbus 321.

This movement indicates that tourism in Egypt has significantly recovered, followed by an increase in job opportunities at hotels and resorts by the coming winter.

Although German tourists form the largest segment of European tourism to Egypt, recently Marsa Alam became a popular destination for British tourists.

Marsa Alam is a famous resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt. It is popular for its clear beaches, sea turtles, dugongs, coral reefs and other marine life. It occupies a virgin stretch of the Red Sea coastline near the tropic of cancer.

South of the town there is Wadi El Gemal National Park with a surrounding desert, reefs, and islands.

Original Post : Egypt Today

Author : Omnia Osama


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