The new Limassol Marina has attracted attention and praise from government officials including Cyprus’ Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis.

The success of the marina has excited Cyprus’ tourism industry as the area is expected to attract hundreds of visitors from around the globe. Mr Lakkotrypis and his Steering Committee for Marinas have witnessed the progression of the new marina from the beginning including the arrival of the first yachts.

The new Limassol Marina is on track for completion in 2014 and will be a major tourist attraction featuring 54 restaurants and shops, a fitness and spa centre, marine training school and yacht club, and many commercial buildings are scheduled to finish by the end of the year. The €350 million development is a major boost to Cyprus and its tourism industry.

Limassol Marina’s Chairman of the Board, Marios E. Lanitis, commented: “The completion and operation of yet another phase of this ground-breaking project, is sending out a positive message for Cyprus. We are working hard to face the current challenges and are proving that we have the capabilities and strength to deliver this outstanding scheme as planned.”

Limassol is one of the primary luxury locations and thanks to its yachting links attracts many to the marina each year. It has experienced an extra €26 million in investment for its luxury residences, alongside the €90 million previously secured. Out of the 94 luxury apartments launched in January, 50 percent have already sold in this prime location.

Located along the south coast Limassol offers visitors the beautiful historic old town as well as the luxury of the new marina, which once built can hold 650 yachts.

Sources: Super Yacht News

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