Alecos Orountiotis, President of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), has revealed how Cyprus continues to be an attractive tourist destination.

This declaration was made whilst Orountiotis addressed the Parliamentary Committee on Financial and Budgetary Affairs. Following a Eurogroup decision, the CTO has been in touch with tour operators abroad to promote Cyprus as an appealing tourist destination.

The Minister of Tourism, Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, has been in contact with the big tour operators assuring them the government fully supports tourism in Cyprus and there are no problems relating to tourism. The CTO delegation will visit the main tourist-flow areas in the immediate future and there is talk of additional advertising campaigns to support the tourism sector.

The president stated that the CTO has contacted proprietors to discuss prices and promotional offers for foreign tourists. This is expected to attract more tourists to Cyprus and the news has become appealing to investors who are looking to purchase buy-to-let holiday homes in the country.

According to the data submitted to the Committee in 2012 tourist arrivals came to 2,464,908, recording an increase of three percent. Tourism income for the period between January and November 2012 is estimated to have reached €1.88 billion compared to €1.71 billion during the same period in 2011.

The news highlights the government’s positive commitment to the tourism sector as they continue to establish strong links with other countries. Concentrating on areas that are popular with tourists will give the economy a further boost and will attract more international investors to the country.


Source: Financial Mirror

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