The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has announced that the first tourist arrivals from Hong Kong are expected to travel to Cyprus in 2014, according to the Famagusta Gazette.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors at the CTO, Alecos Orountiotis, recently met with a number of tour operators from Hong Kong to discuss possible airline routes that could soon be available to tourists travelling to Cyprus from Asia. Cyprus tourist authorities will need to look into an upgrade in the aviation destinations of Cyprus Airways. Orountiotis commented: “We have managed to open up the Asian tourist market to Cyprus, starting with Hong Kong. China will be next.”

President of the Association of Tour Operators in Hong Kong, Freddy Yip, was also part of the delegation along with Perry Mak, editor of the largest newspaper in Hong Kong. Yip has predicted at least one thousand tourists with visit Cyprus in 2014, which is great news for the country’s tourism market. He commented: “From next year one thousand tourists will come to Cyprus from Hong Kong as a first step in this cooperation followed by thousands (more) in the years ahead after the publicity, which will be given to this effect”. Perry Mak will also promote Cyprus as a tourist destination through the media.

The links to the Asian tourist market look likely to boost the value of property in Paphos and Limassol as they become more accessible to global investors. The country’s new connection to a major international financial centre should also offer further assurance to prospective investors in Cyprus real estate.

Source: Famagusta Gazette

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