Desert Pearl Nightmare: Case Study of Carol and Tony Vitali

The Vitali’s dreams of a property in paradise were smashed as they came face to face with the empty skeleton of what was to be their apartment on Desert Pearl

The Vitali’s Story – Desert Pearl

The Vitali’s became interested in the prospects of buying a property in Hurghada, Egypt when they spotted an advert in the window of a local agent.  A representative flew in from Spain to talk to them about Desert Pearl 1, the gated cluster of apartments in Hurghada that boasts of tropical gardens and luxurious Italian interiors.  Their investment was handled by a third party agent who was selling the properties for Worldwide Destinations.

Where it all went wrong

Their contract had been for an apartment on Desert Pearl 1.  However, the property had actually been double booked.  Unceremoniously, the couple were swept aside to Desert Pearl 1’s sister apartments, Desert Pearl 2.  The couple paid 40% of the investment and were promised a property that would be finished by 2009 and full legal support.  Carol went to visit her apartment this year and was confronted with a building that was, as she put it, ‘just a shell’.

Carol and Tony’s experience is just one of the many that has unravelled from the devastating issues surrounding this entire development in Hurghada.  This chaos has emerged for investors after Worldwide Destinations failed to pay the developers.  As a result, construction ground to a halt and clients were left without money returned and no Egyptian paradise to enjoy.  To make matters worse for the Vitali’s, their agents simply walked out on the whole debacle, leaving them with no support at all.

How they found Rivermead Global

The Vitali’s came across Rivermead Global from a forum that they had been posting on.  They got in touch with Neil Hollingsworth, who has since, formed the Hurghada Resident’s Association (check out the forum at as clients to solicitors who represent the group legally.

Carol is actively involved in the administration work behind the HRA and has commended Neil’s role in sorting the fallout from the Desert Pearl shambles, saying that ‘he always returns your calls’ and that ‘the set backs would have tried the patience of a Saint but Neil has stayed the course’.

Have you been affected by Desert Pearl?

If you have been affected by the Desert Pearl development and are in need of support, please contact us.  Alternatively, feel free to give your opinion and leave a comment.

If you are interested in reading about the general situation in more depth, click on this link

  • Tim

    Having bought , or at least thought i bought a property in Desert pearl Egypt over 2 years ago everything has since turned in to a nightmare. I have never dealt with so many sneaky lying people all trying to take your money off you all pretending to be on ‘your side’

    To this date I still dont know who for definite is responsible but i get the impression it a larre net work of people.

    I can honestly say the only the only person I have trusted through this whole process is neil and he didnt even sell me my property! In the early days you heard people promising things and on a couple of occassions i looked at what they had to say but they ended up like the rest trying to make me pay more money!

    What ever happens in all this – even if i lose my property I have a lot or respect in Neil and the way he has conducted himself and the way he has not given up and to no financial gain to himself.

    Good work neil!