Dive Sites In Hurghada : Island Hideaways

Dive Sites In Hurghada : Island Hideaways

The islands and reefs around Hurghada provide an opportunity to enjoy brisk drifts and easy bimbles in close proximity. Here’s two Red Sea classic dive sites in Hurghada…

Small Giftun Drift

Looking across the sea from Hurghada, the view is dominated by the Giftun Islands. Small Giftun Island is, naturally, the smaller of the two and is host to this wonderful drift along the southeastern wall. It is usually called Small Giftun Drift, but is sometimes referred to as Police Station due to the small police outpost set in this corner of the island which conveniently marks the entry point for the drift – not that there are a lot of criminals to chase on this otherwise uninhabited island!

Ben El Gebel

For an afternoon dive in this area, I favour Ben El Gebel with the best full face snorkeling mask. It’s Arabic for ‘between the mountains’, which is an apt name, for its location is in a channel between the two islands. This is a gentle dive in a beautiful coral garden, yet it has the potential to surprise even the most experienced Red Sea diver.

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