By the end of 2011 Egypt will see a total of 10.5 million tourists including 1.5 million visitors over the Christmas season, which has pleased investors.

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour has announced tourists have brought in $9.5 billion in revenue this year and the festive season is expected to bring more tourists who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a warmer climate.

Despite the recent unrest in the country, tourists have not been put off booking holidays in Egypt and up until the end of November nine million tourists visited the country.

The Red Sea resorts in areas like Hurghada have remained busy with tourists despite the January 25th revolution, whilst areas like Cairo are expected to settle down once the elections are over.

Abdel-Nour stated that the end of year figures represented a ‘strong’ achievement considering the difficulties the country has faced this year and revealed the ministry of tourism is in the process of planning a package of new measures to help the country move forwards.

The package will include new overseas promotional campaigns for Egyptian tourism and will support new charter flights to airports including Hurghada International Airport.

Egypt has seen a lot of changes in 2011 and whilst it is hard to predict what will happen over the next few months it is expected that the tourism sector will have a better future once the parliamentary elections are over.

Rivermead Global say “This is really good news for the Egyptian people and country, with the elections underway and the trouble ended there is only one way the Egyptian economy can go and that is upwards.  If investors have bought in the right developments and have a good marketing strategy for their rentals the anticipated returns should start coming through.”

Source: Ahram Online