Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism has announced a yearly budget of $40 million to be used solely to promote tourism in foreign markets.

Since the beginning of last year, the ministry has spent $10 million to fund a public relations campaign to promote tourism throughout Egypt. Initiatives such as offering low cost package deals to the Red Sea region came as a result of a drive on Egypt’s domestic tourism.

Another strong focus is to cultivate strong relationships with other countries and push for more tourists to visit Egypt. Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou has directed attention towards countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Japan as well as African countries including Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Zaazou’s efforts have resulted in 12 countries removing the travel restrictions that were imposed on Egypt. Hurghada Airport recently welcomed 1,000 German tourists as an immediate result of lifting the travel ban

An official from the General Authority to Stimulate Tourism commented: “We are studying the directives of Zaazou to support international companies with their marketing campaigns for Egyptian tourism, in addition to asking the Minister of Civil Aviation to decrease take off and landing fees at airports used for tourism.”

Zaazou has stated that the Ministry aims to attract 13.8 million tourists by the end of 2013 and has even hailed tourism as the ‘dark horse’ that will lead Egypt’s economic recovery.

Tourism in Egypt is a major driving force in the country’s economic recovery. Areas such as Sahl Hasheesh and Hurghada are tourism hotspots that experience the majority of the country’s visitors.

Sources: Daily News Egypt, Travel Daily Media

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