Egypt’s returning stability has resulted in tourism numbers increasing by 30 percent last month compared to the same period in 2011.

The number of tourists visiting Egypt in April reached 1.4 million and hoteliers in the Red Sea resorts have reported high occupancy levels. Rudi Jagersbacher, president at Hilton Worldwide Middle East and Africa, commented: “In Egypt’s Red Sea resorts we are running occupancy levels between 70 and 90 percent.”

The latest tourism figure is great news for Egypt and optimism has spread across one of Egypt’s key industries. Egyptian Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdul Nour commented: “Those working in the sector tell me that the outlook for the future is extremely optimistic. We are very confident of the trend to be seen beginning in July.”

The Tourism Minister revealed they will be stepping up the capacity in Red Sea airports, which is good news for areas such as Hurghada.

Simon Kitchen at EFG-Hermes stated recently that many investors are optimistic about Egypt, “There is optimism that the transition is taking place and there are plenty of investors planning to invest in Egypt.”

The tourism sector generates 12.6 percent of jobs in Egypt, emphasising just how important the sector is to the country. The recent tourism figure has certainly proved Egypt’s economy is strengthening and tourists are keen to travel to the country for a family holiday.

Source: Financial Times, The National,