How to furnish your Egyptian property

How to furnish your property in Egypt

So, you have bought the property of your dreams in the fantastic country of Egypt, what next?  Well you are going to have furnish it, you may need to have a kitchen designed/built, a water heater fitted, air  con installed, where do you start?

You can of course try to furnish it yourself, this may seem the logical option how hard can it be?

Let me tell you furnishing a property in Egypt is far from easy, they don’t have an Argos, a B&Q or a Yellow Pages where you can buy the items you need or find a Plumber/Electrician/Carpenter.  You may be able to find some lights that you like but how do you get them to your property, where do you find an electrician to fit them for you? You have managed to find a water heater here, you have haggled on the price you have paid extra to have it delivered, where is the Plumber to fit it?

Florenza Khamsin Unit 12 Show Studio furnished by Rivermead Global (127)

You have no kitchen, do you go to a kitchen shop and see if they have something that will fit your kitchen, or do you try to find a carpenter to measure/design and build you a bespoke kitchen?  Will it be designed?, will it be built? and will it be installed?  What about appliances, where do you buy your hob/oven, washing machine, fridge freezer, microwave, dishwasher, are the prices correct, are they inflated and should you haggle to get them cheaper?.  Does the price include delivery?, does it include fitting?, NO prices paid don’t include delivery, then when you pay delivery  you need to ask is that to my apartment or just development, it doesn’t include fitting and they don’t know anyone who can do it for you but if you ask on the street someone may know someone who knows someone and he may turn up (inshallah).

What type of furniture do you want, light/dark, modern/contemporary  can you look on the internet and have a look before walking miles round dusty streets, struggling with the language  wondering if the prices you have been given are the right prices.  You have had to pay upfront because that’s the way they do business, will it ever be delivered will it be as ordered what about if it is damaged?   Would you be upset if it turned up and was different than ordered because the items you wanted where no longer available and they didn’t think you would mind having these items instead?

Studio apartment in Florenza Khamsin furnished using the Horus Range (14)

What if you could visit a company in the UK or Egypt that can show you examples of apartments they have furnished that are probably very similar to your apartment, so you can see how your apartment would look when furnished because they have furnished 100’s of apartments?  What if they took away the whole nightmare of traipsing around the shops of a foreign country looking for furniture, appliances, lights, water heaters and air conditioning units? They offered you a one stop shop where you can just choose the items you want, have them delivered, fitted and your property ready for you to walk in and use.

This company is Rivermead Global Furniture, with over 6 years experience and expertise in furnishing Egyptian properties, we have a selection of show apartments in Egypt and a UK office where we can discuss your interior design over a cup of coffee.  We have an excellent website where you can browse and shop from the comfort of your own home before contacting us, you can even buy without contacting us if you wish although we do like to get to know our clients.  We also offer full rental packages using our own expertise of the Egyptian rental market to get your apartment ready for renting out, so someone can just walk in and use it without you having to do anything, because we also have our own Rental Service for apartments we have furnished, something we can also discuss with you.

Turtles Beach Resort show apartment furnished by Rivermead Global Ltd (46)

If you have been through the off plan buying process you will have experienced Egyptian customer and aftersales service, we take this part of our business very seriously and have won the AIPP Award for Customer Service for the past 2 years.  More Blogs to follow on this important aspect of buying property in Egypt, if you would like to discuss your furniture requirements please visit our furniture catalogue and call us on UK 0044 (0)161 6525563, Egypt 002 (0) 1015196474 or email

About the author: Neil Hollingsworth

Neil left school in 1987 and joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a Survival Equipment Fitter, travelling round the world with tours in Northern Ireland, Falkland Islands, Cyprus and Iraq to name a few. In 2005 the government cut the armed forces and Neil had the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy, on leaving he went to work for a UK estate agent before moving on and setting up Rivermead Global. If you are looking at buying a property in Egypt or Turkey you have come to the right people.