Hurghada is fast becoming one of the best areas in the world for kitesurfing and has been nicknamed ‘A kite surfer’s paradise’.

Hurghada has all year round sunshine, warm waters and consistent wind conditions that are perfect for kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding). There are various kitesurfing schools located on private beaches where you can have lessons either in a group or individually with an experienced instructor.

Hurghada’s calm, crystal clear waters are proving very popular with kitesurfers and holidays are very reasonable starting at around £359 for a seven night package.

All kitesurfing schools have various packages for tourists to choose from whether it is a three day beginners course, a two day advanced course or an all inclusive package including flights and accommodation. Some packages even include airline baggage fees for people who want to take their own equipment.

The Red Sea has been a popular spot with divers for many years and Hurghada in particular welcomes thousands of divers every year. Now the area is attracting more sport enthusiasts and Hurghada International Airport is making the excellent conditions much more accessible.

Before the Hurghada International Airport was built, tourists used to endure a three hour transfer from Luxor to reach the popular destination.

Hurghada International Airport is now only ten minutes away and offers tourists a chance to experience some of the world’s best kitesurfing facilities.

Rivermead Global will soon be launching a new beach front development aimed at Kite Surfers and Water Sports enthusiasts, if you would like more information please contact on or 0044 (0) 161 6525563