Hurghada-Manama new airline route to launch soon

Red Sea Governor, General Ahmed Abdullah, announced that an ongoing agreement is underway to launch the first airline route to fly between Manama, the Bahraini Capital, and Hurghada to promote Arab tourism in the Red Sea governorate.

“The new airline route is meant to attract more flocks of Bahraini tourists to Hurghada city,” assured Abdullah during the Bahrain National Day celebration hosted by the Bahraini Feminine Council Khawat Denya.

Accompanied by Director of the Red Sea Security, Major Gen. Mohamed Tawfiq El Hamzawy, and executive leaders at Hurghada International Airport, Abdullah paid a visit earlier last April to the airport to follow up on travel procedures and partake in security measures.

The Red Sea Governor praised the security situation at the airport and stressed the necessity to regulate passengers and have them conform to the security procedures followed by the airport administration. He added that the process of regulation helps prevent any congestion of passenger traffic, either in arrival or departure halls.

Visiting departure halls, the governor was keen to personally check the security situation and travel procedures where he confirmed that all tourists come to Egypt “with a smile on their faces.”

Hurghada International Airport is located 5 kilometers southwest of El Dahar City, downtown of Hurghada. It ranks as the second busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport. Hurghada International Airport is a focal destination for leisure flights from Europe.

Original Post Egypt Today

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