Indian tourism in Egypt growing, expected to boom in 2018

Indian tourism in Egypt growing, expected to boom in 2018

The upcoming months are expected to see a spike in the number of Indian tourists to Egypt, allowing Egypt to return to its status as one of the top destinations for tourists.

According to Central Agency for Public Mobilization and statistics, the number of Indian tourists visiting Egypt has increased to 66,000, while the same time last year saw only 7,650 tourists flying in.

To ensure that Indian tourists are aware of sights, monuments and activities available in Egypt, the government is working on a pre-decided three-point plan:

1- Starting a promotional Campaign in India:

The Head of General Authority for Tourism Development organized meetings between the Egyptian delegation and Indian travel agencies between January 22 and January 25, 2018, to launch a promotional campaign, aiming to encourage Indian tourists to make Egypt their next getaway and their favorite destination. The campaign will showcase Egypt’s most wonderful places and will display many offers.

2- Participating in the OTM Fair: 

In coordination with the General Authority for Tourism Development, the Mumbai-based travel office will participate in India’s biggest travel fair, known as OTM, starting January 18, 2018.

OTM is one of India’s biggest tourist fairs, as it included around 1,154 participants from 60 Countries in 2016, including 12 Egyptian travel agencies.

3- Be a Part of SATTE Show: 

The General Authority for Tourism Development intends to participate in India’s oldest travel fair (SATTE), set to be held in New Delhi, the capital of India, between January 31 and February 2, 2018.

It is expected that this year’s SATTE will welcome around 900 participants from 50 countries celebrating the Silver Jubilee of this travel trade Show.

Original Post: Egypt Today

Author: Omnia Osama

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