Kiteboarding has taken Egypt and the international water sports community by storm and the country is expected to become a leading destination for kiteboarding training, according to the Egypt Independent.

The International Sailing Federation has announced this month that it would be replacing windsurfing with men’s and women’s kiteboarding medal-winning divisions in the 2016 Olympics.

The exciting news has lead to predictions that Egypt will see a large increase in the number of kiteboarders now the sport has been added to the Olympics Games. Kiteboarding has become one of the fastest-growing new sports and kiteboarders from around the world are gearing up to represent their country in the competition.

Egypt is internationally known to have the best weather conditions to learn and practise the sport with its all year round sun and crystal clear waters.  Kiteboarding has become increasingly popular along Egypt’s coastlines particularly in the Red Sea area.

Sherif Abu Zeid, co-founder of Fly Kitesurfing, commented: “In the early years, you only saw a couple of kites popping up at windsurfing centres in Hurghada and Gouna. Now, most of the windsurfing centres have been converted into kitesurfing centres.”

Egypt is known to hold many of the best kiteboarding platforms in the world for all levels of experience. Mohamed Hossam Helmy, general manager of Red Sea Diving Safari Company, commented: “The consistent temperature, wind speeds between 10 and 24 knots and shallow water platforms make Egypt the perfect training ground for new and experienced kiteboarders.”

Kiteboarding has certainly become a way of life in Egypt and the country is gearing up for a huge rise in popularity when the water sport makes its debut at the 2016 Olympic Games. The popularity of the sport will inevitably make a positive impression on tourism in Egypt and will attract thousands of water sports enthusiasts to the Red Sea area in the future.

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Source: Egypt Independent