Cyprus is expecting an increase in tourist arrivals in 2013 due to the increased availability of direct flights to the island. The Cypriot government has also made efforts to diversify the tourism offering available in Cyprus.

Tourism Minister Efthymios Flourenzou stated that solid bookings have already been made for 2013 by British tourists and the newly established direct flights between Cyprus and the Ukraine explains his optimism regarding tourism. Flourenzou commented:  “We hope that an increased number of tourist arrivals will be recorded this year.”

An increase in tourist arrivals to Cyprus would benefit the real estate industry by attracting more foreign investors to the country, which will help improve the Cypriot economy.

To further boost the numbers of foreign arrivals to Cyprus, the government has expanded the types of tourism currently on offer. Conference and events tourism in particular has received investment and has shown positive signs of growth.

Data from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation reveals that over 350 events took place in Cyprus in 2011, lasting on average 5.59 days and constituting over 250,000 overnight stays.  Events run by overseas businesses comprised a third of the total, with foreign nationals being the majority of participants in these events.

Cyprus has made several recent developments to support this growth in tourism including the rebuilding of two major airports, improved infrastructure for transport and an overall increase in conference support facilities, taking the current total to over 300 conference venues.

Other areas of tourism that Cyprus has plans to develop include kite surfing, green tourism and driving tourism. With the success of conference tourism and further plans to increase tourist arrivals in 2013, the future for tourism in Cyprus certainly looks positive.

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Source: Cyprus Mail, Incentive Travel

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