Stand up paddling (SUP) is quickly becoming a favourite with locals in Egypt and it is proving to be a success with holidaymakers.


Red Sea resorts in Hurghada and El Gouna are experiencing more tourists visiting the area to try out the new sport, which has become increasingly popular with water sports enthusiasts.

It is very easy to learn and all you need is a board, a paddle and a flat stretch of water. The sport is relatively new to the Red Sea area and stems from Hawaiian surf culture. It involves standing on surf board and using a paddle to propel yourself forwards through the water. The sport has recently come into the mainstream and is very popular with all ages.

The popularity of water sports in the Red Sea region is a real driving force for the tourist industry and as well as bringing in more tourists it also creates more jobs. As highlighted by the G20 in Rio, tourism is a major factor in global economic recovery and one which stimulates local growth.

According to the Tourism Ministry the number of tourists visiting Egypt in June was up 16 percent on the same month last year, rising to 849,521. In the current economic climate this influx sees the start of real sustainable growth and a positive outlook for the country.

It is great news for Egypt that tourists are returning in numbers now the elections are over and the country can enjoy progressing forwards to achieve a thriving economy.

Rivermead Global have teamed up with the Hydr8 Team from Poole in the UK, and we will be bringing SUP and Kite Surfing to Hurghada in the near future, they will be setting up a UK run Water sports School with courses in Kite Surfing, SUP, Kayaking and much more.  The Hydr8 Team are also in contact with Aarron Hadlow 5 times Kite Surfing World Champion who is also interested in being involved, bringing World Class names and Competitions to the Red Sea, which will really boost the tourism in the area.

Source: Business Week, Daily News Egypt