Off Plan Property In Egypt

Off Plan Property In Egypt

LAST UPDATED April 16th 2016 : The latest resort to be launched in the Red Sea is Tiba View in Hurghada

When buying Off Plan Property in Egypt, or any other country for that matter, it is important to consider the following things.


This point can not be stressed enough. Make sure that you have an independent solicitor look into any project which you are seriously considering investing in. This is the single most important decision you will make when buying any property, off plan or otherwise. Using an independent solicitor can save you from losing all of your investment in certain cases. Do not be sucked in by marketing ploys by companies offering ‘free legal advice’… this should be a warning sign. Of course, some companies will be genuine who offer this, however, can you be 100% sure that this ‘free legal advice’ is independent? If not, then this ‘free advice’ could be the most costly decision you make.

When Buying Property in Egypt, do you research, use an independent solicitor and make sure that the development you are buying on and the property you are purchasing is safe… This will prevent yourself from becoming one of the many ‘horror stories’ which could so easily have been avoided. If you want help finding an independent solicitor then consider speaking to the AIPP – Association of Independent Property Professionals.

The Builders/Developers

Are the developers of the project established in the area? Have they previously built similar developments? If so, what is the quality like? Are existing clients happy? Would they recommend the company? Did they finish the project on time? If not, was any delay justified? Do your research on the companies involved and you increase the chances that any decision you do make will be the right one for you. Ask questions, then ask more questions, and then some more. Information is key when buying a property, especially when you are buying that property overseas and off plan. A good example of an off plan property being built by established developers is the soon to be released Tiba View Resort.

Off Plan Property



When you buy a property off plan, the location is one of the most difficult things to consider. You need to look ahead several years and try to visualise what the area will be like once the property is completed and even beyond that. If you want a great sea view from your balcony then will this always be there or could another development be built in front of yours, meaning you lose that sea view? We always recommend that if a sea view is essential to you, then look at buying a truly beachfront property, where nothing can be built in front of you and you can guarantee the sea view.


It is important to understand your reasons for wanting to buy an off-plan property and then look at other suitable alternatives as you may just find exactly what you are looking for in a completed property.

  • Is it the attractive payment plan? Are their any completed projects in the same area offering interest free payment plans.
  • Are you looking to buy below current market value? Are there any resales available at the moment where the owner is wanting to sell quickly?

By understanding the reasons behind your interest in buying an off plan property, you can begin to look at alternative options which may be ready to use now, whether it be as a holiday home for your family or an investment property.

Off Plan Property Egypt - Before and After

Why buy Off Plan Property with Rivermead Global

  1. We keep clients updated monthly on the build progress, we take regular photographs and videos of the off plan properties which we sell, from the breaking of the ground, right up to completion. You can see an example on the video below.
  2. We ensure that we do our own legal checks on all projects before we market them. We have built a great reputation in the overseas property market and we will not risk that by selling a project we do not trust.
  3. We sell properties in only two countries, Egypt and Turkey, and in these countries we focus on just a couple of areas. We do this so we can provide the best service to our clients. We know the location, the developers, the projects etc… very very well. So buying through Rivermead Global, you know you are getting first class service from a knowledgeable company.

Current Off Plan Property in Egypt

Turtles Beach Resort

This is right now our most popular off plan property in Egypt. A beach front project that overlooks the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Offering owners beachfront living at extremely attractive prices. But do not let the price mislead you, Turtles Beach Resort offers a wide range of facilities making this a stand out development.

Two independent solicitors have verified that Turtles Beach Resort is a legal development and have given us the green light to market the project. Phase One is soon to be complete, with Phase Two due completion December 2016.

Turtles Beach Resort

Tiba Resort

Tiba Resort is the 12th development to bear the Tiba name and the previous 11 developments have all been leading to this, the largest and boldest Tiba development to date, with a host of facilities and apartments ranging from studios, 1 bed and 2 beds

Tiba Resort located 20 km north of the current border of Hurghada, with the luxury resort community of El Gouna, with its PGA Championship golf course and Abu Tig Marina located just 5 km in the opposite direction. Hurghada International Airport and the town’s downtown area are both just 20 minutes away by taxi. Locally, Tiba Resort benefits from an excellent location, just 8 minutes’ walk from the beach.

Tiba Resort Hurghada

Empire Suites

Located in the increasing popular Al Ahyaa region of Hurghada, and only a 10 minutes journey to the exlusive resort of El Gouna, Empire Suites is withing walking distance from a number of shops, restaurants and bars.  Empire Suites is very well priced and comes with an 24  month payment plan with as little as 5% reservation fee, perfect for those people who do not want a massive outlay.

With different sizes of Studios, One bedroom and Two bedroom apartments available, there is sure to be something to suit your requirements. If you would like more details on Empire Suites, including floor plan, room plan and price list then please get in touch.

Empire Suites Off Plan Property

About the author: Thomas Yates

After finishing his Business Management degree Tom was looking to join a progressive company where he had the opportunity to have his own ideas listened to and implemented. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time as Rivermead Global were looking at taking somebody on and in 2009 Tom joined the company. If you are looking at buying a property in Egypt or Turkey you have come to the right people. Read our Ultimate Guide To Buying Property In Hurghada