Property prices in Egypt

Property prices in Egypt

Property prices in Egypt

Just like any where else, property prices in Egypt can vary dramatically depending on the area you are buying a property and the type of property… you are obviously going to be paying more for a beachfront Villa than you are a second line apartment with only a few facilities.

News agency The Daily News Egypt has reported the spotlight is back on Egypt’s real estate sector now that property prices are stabilising and developers are recovering from disruptions last year.

Harshjit Oza, real estate specialist at Beltone Investment Bank, commented on the news that investors are returning, “Prices are starting to stabilise again, the confidence is back.” He added that as the political risk subsides, Egypt’s real estate sector can expect to see positive effects.

Chris Jolly, chief executive of retail real estate fund Pradera, has been visiting Egypt for two years and plans to invest in the country despite its problems last year, “Egypt is too big for investors to resist, which sets it apart from several other markets in the Middle East region.”

You can see why investors are attracted to Egypt. The country has a youth segment making up 50 percent of society, has a growing middle class and a population of 80 million people.

Property Prices in Hurghada

Hurghada is located along the stunning Red Sea and has been a popular tourist hotspot and is ever growing in popularity. Many investors have found success in Hurghada, either buying property as a holiday home or as a buy-to-let. Flights to Hurghada are increasing all the time, making the trip to Egypt easier than ever.

Property Prices in Egypt, Hurghada

Studio Apartments in Hurghada

You can pick up a completed studio, ready to furnish, from as little as £6,240. It sounds too good to be true but if you do your research then you can indeed buy your very own bolt hole in the sun and it be a legal property for prices as low as this. These prices are mainly found in the up and coming area of Al Ahyaa.

Al-Ahyaa, which has been recently designated for extensive touristic development, is located 15 km north of the current border of Hurghada, with the luxury resort community of El Gouna, with its PGA Championship golf course and Abu Tig Marina located just 10 km in the opposite direction.

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Source: The Daily News Egypt

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