6 Reasons to Buy Property in Turkey – (especially reason #2)

6 Reasons to Buy Property in Turkey – (especially reason #2)

6 Reasons to Buy Property in Turkey

Finding a perfect place to live or spend time with their families overseas is a common desire by most people. Everyone wants to live in a home that is safe and complemented by an alluring and friendly neighborhood. With so many countries to choose from around the world, it might be hard to identify which country is the right one and will provide a better way of living. Today, one of the beautiful and attractive countries a lot of people are considering includes the wonderful country of Turkey.

Introducing Turkey

Officially Republic of Turkey, Turkey is one of the most well known tourist destinations around the globe. It is a Eurasian country, which is surrounded by waters on 3 sides, while sharing the border with other Eurasian countries on the 4th side. It is the main reason why the country is gifted with natural foliage and scenic beauty. The huge stretches of seacoasts and the running mountains parallel to it create a sight which can’t be replicated by any other places in the world. Aside from this, the country of Turkey also has an excellent historical and cultural past, with inhabitants of all lifestyles, ethnicity and religions living peacefully together. These are only some of the many reasons as to how Turkey became the ultimate holiday destination for many tourists.

Recently, there has been more and more people looking at the estate and property industry of Turkey. It is due to the fact that day after day while the country’s tourism industry flourishes, properties in Turkey will be gaining much from it. Residential areas, villas, hotels and resorts in Turkey have been increasing because of the many foreign investors who are now visiting in Turkey to acquire cheap property and land. The growing economy brings with it a boost in the prices of properties whilst tourists begin to pour in. Therefore, the monetary investments are assured to give back excellent benefits afterwards.

Aside from these excellent benefits, there are a number of other reasons why you should consider buying a property in Turkey today. These reasons basically include the following:

1. Tourism

By viewing the rate of development in the tourism industry in Turkey, you will meet a lot of financial advisors who are hugely advising foreign customers from investing in Turkish property. This is due to the fact that while Turkey boosts its reputation for being the leading tourist destination, the property’s price will also simultaneously rise, hence providing its present investors a significant marginal profit. Tourism is something that the country of Turkey boasts, so everyone looking to buy a property in a new country should consider looking at the opportunities offered by property for sale in Turkey. Turkish properties still provides huge potentials for ROI (ROIs). In fact, in 2007, property prices increased around 50 percent with a lot of people looking to buy properties in Turkey. This added demand has been set to drive rates up significantly. Turkey can hardly ever be rivaled in some other investment location with the same assets.

Tourism levels in Turkey

2. Affordable Properties

There are a number of reasons why you should consider purchasing a property in Turkey and one of these reasons is the fact that the properties found here are affordable. There are a lot of areas in Turkey where you can pick up a real bargain. Included in the list of areas are Akbuk and Altinkum. A lot of people are looking for properties in these areas because of the many advantages that they offer. So, purchasing a property within these areas can be very affordable compared with purchasing properties within central Turkey and other popular second home countris. That is why many real estate buyers are looking for property for sale in Akbuk and property for sale in Altinkum. This is not surprising because aside from the alluring price rate of these areas, they also boast some of the most attractive and scenic spots you can ever have in your neighborhood.

Summer Breeze Akbuk

3. Picturesque Beauty

While this is something that most visitors in Turkey are looking to view from the place, a lot of potential property buyers also consider it as a factor when looking to purchase a property. So, this is another good reason why you would want to consider purchasing a property in Turkey today. Turkey is blessed with rich foliage and greenery by nature. In addition, there are also lots of wonderful scenic backdrops on the mountains and coasts, which anyone will surely feel delighted to discover and explore. What’s more, Turkey also holds an excellent range of wildlife because of the modest climate it boasts all through the year.

Akbuk Beach Turkey

4. Cost of living

Turkey is known to much more affordable as compared with UK. Staying in Turkey may cost 1/3 of the total living cost in UK, allowing you to save much on your expenses.

5. Climate

Furthermore, Turkey also comes with a stable and very fine climate all through the year, which is the reason why lots of tourists visit the place all through the year. Summer is sunny and hot, which makes it a perfect place for touring and vacation.

6. Mortgages

Turkey also offers property mortgage to non Turkish residents that encourages foreign investors to invest in property and land.

With a lot of reasons you have for buying a property in Turkey, you will surely find it interesting to purchase and live in this beautiful country. So, if you want to make a wise investment while choosing a great place to live in, always look at what Turkey has to offer.

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