Apr10 Featured Property – Royal Beach, Hurghada

“Few places in the world offer such diversity as the Red Sea. Blending the splendours of ancient Egyptian architecture with modern amenities, the resort style properties of Royal Beach are perfectly located, backed by the magnificent desert mountains and overlooking the crystal waters”

Egypt – Red Sea, Hurghada

Boasting over 20 miles of spectacular coastline, the bustling town of Hurghada was once a small fishing village, which today has blossomed into a destination of choice amongst international holiday-makers, making it Egypt’s most popular tourist resort. Its permanent summer weather, fantastic diving facilities and luxury hotels pull thousands of visitors to the region every year, attracting an increase of 27% British tourist’s annually. The government also has a growth strategy to increase its population from 200,000 to over 1 million,
creating a rising need for quality rental property.

The increase in tourism has created a higher demand for quality accommodation. With the Red Sea experiencing one of the highest rental markets in Egypt and given Hurghada’s well established transportation links, regular flights and world-class facilities, property in this area is becoming more appealing to investors looking to benefit from an immediate rental income.

Development – Royal Beach

Situated strategically between the energetic Hurghada and the exclusive El Gouna, you have the perfect location to discover both areas with a complimentary shuttle bus. Imagine playing 18 holes of championship golf by day in El Gouna on a Freddy Couples designed golf course and relaxing with a fine meal and a few drinks on the Marina in Hurghada by night. That is if you can pull yourself away from the 4,500m2 beach, the diving school, the pool and beach bar and the 6 international restaurants on the Royal Beach resort!

With all due diligence being carried out by a multi-national law firm with offices in Cairo and the UK, then a further independent multi-national law firm with offices in Cairo and the UK being offered for the purchase contracts it is easy to see how different this sounds to previous developments. With a completion date of March 2012, construction is well under way and on course.

Rental Guarantee

The developers of Royal Beach have written into the contract a rental guarantee that will give purchasers a guaranteed return of 31.5% over the first 5 years, enabling owners to have 3 weeks free usage. The rental will be paid yearly in the following increments:


  • Year one – 5%
  • Year two – 5.5%
  • Year three – 6%
  • Year four – 7%
  • Year five – 8%

Special Offer – Inspection Trips at £199

We strongly recommend going to view this property for you to understand just how much you are getting for your money, this property really does represent amazing value. We can arrange for you to go on a 3-4 day viewing trip, including flights, transfers and all inclusive 5-star accommodation. These trips are for a maximum of 2 people flying from the UK and will only cost you only £199 per person.  This is not a group trip but tailored to yourselves with no small print, gimmicks and definitely no pressure.

For more information on the viewing trips please click here

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    The water looks very cool and the place is just amazing. I am sure you will be able to enjoy taking a break in that destination.

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    This looks like a wonderful development and I imagine this place will be very popular. The complex is located directly on the beach and would make a perfect holiday home.