Studio apartments for sale in Egypt

Studio apartments for sale in Egypt

We supply the highest quality self-contained studio apartments in Egypt, which combine living room, bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom space in an elegant yet efficient way. We only work with overseas property developers who have a proven track record and deliver the very best properties on the market. If you are looking for studio apartments for sale in Egypt why not check out the properties we have to offer. Alternatively call us on 0161 652 5563.

Useful Information About Egypt

Flight times to Egypt from London UK  are approximately 5 hours with the time difference being GMT +2. Approximately 69 million people living in Egypt enjoy the climate which is pretty much dry and hot all year round. During the winter (Dec – Feb) the average daily temperature reaches around 20°C (68°F) on the Mediterranean coast while in Aswan it reaches 26°C (80°F).

Choosing a Studio Apartment in Egypt

When looking for studio apartments for sale in Egypt it is important to know exactly what you are hoping to get from the property. The key factors to consider when it comes to buying your studio apartment are:

  1. Price
  2. Location
  3. Quality
  4. Reason for purchase


Studio apartments in Egypt vary dramitically in price, you can be paying anything from less than £10,000 up to and over £70,000 so it is important that you set yourself a realistic budget for your purchase and stick to it. Although the old saying, you get what you pay for is very much true, there are still some real bargains to be had when looking at studio apartments for sale in Egypt.


Egypt is a country with so much variety in each and every region of the country. If you want your studio apartment to be in an exlusive resort along the Red Sea then you could find exactly what you are looking for in Sahl Hasheesh, an emerging masterplanned development currently under construction. If on the other hand you are looking for an already established region which has a little more hustle and bustle, then you will find this just a 15 minute drive north of Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada.

Every region of Egypt will offer you something different, so it is important to have a clear picture in mind about where you would like your studio apartment to be located. The choice of location could very well be effected by your reason for purchasing a studio apartment in Egypt and is sure to effect the price you are looking at paying, so these are things that need considering.


When it comes to buying your studio apartment in Egypt, quality is a big consideration. You will find a huge range of qualities, some of which are very low end and others which match to the highest European standards of finish. Again, the chances are that you will be paying for the quality, so if you are only willing to settle for the ‘best of the best’, then be prepared to pay for it. Often you will see properties that look really good in terms of value for money, but until you actually go over to view the property for yourself, you will not know if the quality matches your expections. Inspection trips to view the properties in Egypt are always recommended and we have many options available for inspection trips. For more information contact Tom, on 0161 652 5563 or

Reason for purchase

One of the most commonly overlooked factors when people are looking for studio apartments for sale in Egypt, or for that matter, anywhere in the world, is the actual reason behind the purchase. If you are buying the studio apartment just purely for a holiday home for yourself and have no intention of renting it out or seeing a return on your investment through a future sale, then you are in a great position as you really can be as ‘fussy’ as you like, afterall, it is for your use only.

However, more commonly, people are buying apartments and studios overseas for investment purchases and although will no doubt use them themselves, the buyer must consider the other ‘users’. Who is the target market? If your aiming golfers, then where are the local golf courses? How many golf courses in the region? If you are aiming at Divers, are you in the right Diving hotspot? Are there any diving schools in the area? If you are looking at capital return on the studio apartment, what investment is being made to the area, is the infrastructure being improved, what are the future plans for the area? These are all things you need to consider when buying a property overseas.

Featured Studio Apartments in Egypt

Taking all of the above into consideration, we only take on the studio apartments that all the boxes required. So buying a studio apartment in Egypt through ourselves you know that you will the best properties and receive the very best customer service throughout, backed up by our 2010 AND 2011 AIPP Award for Most Outstanding Customer Service and 2011 AIPP Best Agent Award.

Tiba Paradise- Studio Apartments – Starting from only £6,260

  • Prices Starting from just £6,260
  • Located just across the road from a public beach
  • The area is seeing great levels of investment – new infrasttucture and a large shopping mall already underway
  • Increasing tourism levels
  • Only 10 minutes from Hurghada Airport
  • Established developers
  • Excellent Quality of Finish – We have internal Videos and images of previous completed projects by the developer.
  • For more information on this studio apartment for sale in Egypt, check out Tiba Paradise Studios.