U.S. tour company Abercrombie & Kent have revealed they have seen a rise in interest in their Egypt tours.

The New York Times has reported the tour company has seen first time visitors to Egypt taking advantage of cheap prices whilst politically aware travellers who want to show their support for Egyptian democracy are also choosing to visit the country.

Abercrombie & Kent ran all of its tours in October with most of them selling out and tours scheduled for New Year are nearly full. The company have even added two new departures in 2012 for its popular family tour “Pyramids, Mummies and Temples.”

Tourists are interested in seeing the effects of the revolution and tour companies are now incorporating the recent events into their schedules.

Tauck Tours have also seen more interest in their tours despite the recent unrest in Egypt. Tom Armstrong, director of communications for Tauck Tours commented: “Business is coming back.”

The country has found new optimism due to the government’s promotion of Egypt as a safe place to visit, which has restored confidence.

Both tour companies have used their Facebook pages to show testimonials from people who have visited Egypt and many discuss the country’s optimistic spirit. One tourist wrote: “Right now is a great time to visit. There are some incredible deals out there.”

With Egypt’s economy getting stronger, tour operators reporting growing numbers of visitors, hotels posting month on month occupancy increases and property firms reporting renewed investment, it may not be too early to suggest early signs of the economic Arab Spring.


Source: The New York Times