Turkey is continuing to offer great returns for investors with the stock market delivering up to 30 percent in dollar terms this year as its economy continues to strengthen.

Summer Breeze phase 1

Optimism in the country remains high over the long term stability and growth of the economy with experts stating it will stay resilient to the global economic downturns witnessed in recent years.

Professor Unsal Ban, rector of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, stated that even if a crisis did occur Turkey could overcome it with minimum damage to the economy, “The regulations introduced to the financial sector minimised the risk of a credit based crisis to occur in Turkey. The economy has structurally transformed to absorb inner and outer shocks.”

The major opportunity for investment still lies in the Turkish real estate industry thanks to increasing residential demand driven by high population growth, rapid urbanisation and increased tourism.

The new laws introduced this year that broadened the list of countries allowed to purchase property have further helped the economy, bringing lots more investment to the country. The areas of Altinkum and Akbuk have seen a noticeable rise in foreign investment and are already delivering great returns.

The demand for property is constantly increasing with more investors wanting quality homes. Professor Unsal Ban added that people now want more from the property sector with the addition of more social and recreational areas as well as smart homes. As property in Turkey becomes more diverse the returns continue to rise and the rewards are there for those willing to invest.

Source: Fund Web, Turkish Weekly