Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay has announced Turkey has seen 30 million tourists who have spent over $20 billion in the country this year.

During the 2012 budget talks the Culture and Tourism Minister stated the figures are higher than the ones released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat).

Talking about the rise in Turkey’s tourism sector, Günay commented: “Turkey is not just in competition with Greece but the whole world, including China, America and Italy and Spain in Europe.”

Behind Turkey’s successful tourism industry is an important vision. Turkey has not only concentrated on developing its coastal tourism sector but it has also spent time supporting alternative tourism areas like culture, sport and healthcare. Günay stated that investments in these areas have contributed to the success of Turkey’s tourism industry.

Important investments will continue to improve Turkey’s tourism sector even further and the country will be seeing new developments and higher standards in 2012.

Turkey has received a lot of good press this year and the country’s thriving economy has resulted in many foreign investors choosing Turkey as their next place to buy a property.

Tourism figures next year are expected to grow, especially now Turkey has had a successful year despite problems across the eurozone. Whilst other countries have struggled in the recession, Turkey has remained stable and positive news reports have highlighted Turkey as a great place to invest.

Neil Hollingsworth, Senior Manager at Rivermead Global says “Turkey and Egypt being outside the Euro Zone are seeing huge increases in tourism and outside investments.  Many world leading companies are looking to relocate their businesses to these countries, this is going to have a massive impact on the economies.  As the troubles with the Euro Zone continue, Turkey and Egypt look more and more appealing to investors, low prices, pay in local currencies or Sterling, big increases in visitors meaning better rental potential and more businesses investing meaning better capital growth potential, these two are really looking good for 2012.”

Source: Today’s Zaman