The number of tourists visiting Turkey has continued to rise according to recent figures from the Tourism Ministry, confirming that the country’s booming tourism industry is continuing to buck the global trend.

Foreign arrivals to Turkey increased by 0.37 percent year-on-year in October to an impressive 3.05 million. The upwards trend follows on from a successful September that saw a 1.73 percent rise and from January to October 2012, the total number of tourists reached 28.8 million.

Turkey has risen in popularity as a tourist destination and has climbed up to sixth place in the UN World Tourism Organisation’s ranking of the top ten most visited countries. Turkey has also been named as one of the most affordable holiday destinations, which is great news for investors. Holiday Mate commented: “Turkey really is growing as a tourism hotspot and commanding global attention. We’re hoping that this spotlight on Turkey will encourage more visitors to flock in to soak up the sights, sounds and culture that this beautiful country has to offer.”

This positive growth for Turkey’s tourism market is expected to continue with many industry experts expecting summer 2013 booking figures to soar. Ozgur Ozaslan, Under-secretary for the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, commented: “Turkish tourism has registered remarkable and consistent growth over the past two decades. Latest figures indicate that Turkey’s growth trajectory will continue on its upward trend. Our target for 2023 will be to achieve at least 50 million visitors annually and become fifth in the world for international arrivals.”

These latest figures combined with Turkey’s commitment to growing tourism in the country should see the industry grow from strength to strength in the coming years.

Source: Reuters, Yahoo

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