Turkey’s real estate market is continuing its boom with more people choosing to invest in property in the country. The areas of Altinkum and Akbuk have seen a noticeable rise in investment after new laws came in last month allowing non-Turkish citizens to buy property.

REIDIN figures released for June saw a 2.7 percent increase to 3.88 million tourists compared to the same month last year, which is great news for the Turkish property sector.

Turkey has remained untouched by the European financial crisis that has struck many property sectors, resulting in attracting many international investors to the country.

Turkey is now beginning to outperform countries like Spain and France in terms of investment after both countries have experienced difficulties during the tough economic climate. Despite property prices rising in Turkey they still remain affordable and offer a great investment into a country with a booming economy and tourist industry.

Property in Turkey is becoming a valuable asset for investors resulting in luxury resort apartments in areas like Altinkum and Akbuk selling fast. International investors are keen to get their hands on a property before prices increase further and the rising tourism number is expected to guarantee good rental returns.

The recent tourism figures from REIDIN show a positive outlook for the rest of the year with arrivals set to increase further throughout the summer. With the country’s tourism figure rising steadily and contributing to an already thriving economy, Turkey is proving to be a great investment for the future.

Source: RTT News, Reuters