British national newspaper the Daily Mirror has run a full page special on the merits of going on holiday in Egypt’s Red Sea area, showing a clear sign that confidence is returning in the Egyptian tourism sector.

The daily newspaper reported the country is great for guaranteed sunshine without a long flight and is perfect for young children. The news article also describes the flight to Hurghada International Airport as a “no-frills” airline route.

The article also revealed the travel cost to Egypt’s Red Sea area is family-friendly and describes Hurghada as a lively place with quieter options nearby (we would recommend Sahl Hasheesh if you are looking for an area slightly quieter but Hurghada does have some quiet spots.)

Journalist Anna Melville-James wrote about her experience whilst staying in Egypt stating she saw no political issues whilst on holiday, “Egypt may still be in the throes of its transition to democracy, but here the most revolutionary thing that happens is a change in the bar’s ­selection of nuts.”

The fact UK newspapers are backing Egypt as great place to go on holiday is great news for the country. Egypt’s Tourism Ministry revealed earlier this month that they expect to see a recovery in tourist numbers to between 12 million and 13 million this year.

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism undersecretary and head of the International Tourism Sector Samy Mahmoud has stated Egypt is looking forward to the future, “The future of tourism in Egypt will be great. By the end of 2012, we expect between 12 million and 13 million tourists. The contribution to the economy will be around $11 billion.”

Source: Daily Mirror, Gulf Daily News