Property Management

Property Management

There are at least a million and one different things to think about when you want to buy a property abroad. Where to buy, how much to spend, what type of property and so on. But once you’ve found your place in the sun and you start spending time out there and enjoying it, another big question looms: who is going to keep an eye on the place when you’re not using it? It’s a question you’d be advised not to ignore. It really should be quite high up there on your list of priorities as it could influence your home buying decisions, it’s no use buying a fantastic property and then leaving it empty with no one keeping an eye on it for you while not in use.

How can we help?

At Rivermead Global we are always striving to find new ways to assist our clients, and we have decided to set up our own Property Management Service, this works in different ways depending on the country you purchase.  In Cyprus and Turkey we have sourced some partner companies that can offer you a variety of services (all charged locally), in Egypt we have set up our own Property Management business.  What can you expect from Rivermead Global Property Management?

  1. Key Holding:
    This is an important service and one often neglected by overseas property owners.  It is really important to have someone on the ground you can trust to look after a set of keys for several reasons, for example: There is a flood or fire in the building, someone needs to get in to make repairs, if you rent it out; how are the guests going to get the keys?
  2. Property Checks:
    Unfortunately there are people in this world that want to have what isn’t theirs, whichever country you live in, so if you have a property that is only used a few times a year it is very important to have someone who can carry out frequent checks to ensure no-one has moved in or damaged the property.  It is also beneficial to have the property checked inside to ensure there are no leaks, no rodents/pests, air the property, check the electrics etc…
  3. Meet and Greet at the airport:
    If you are renting out your property and have guests arriving, it is essential to have someone meeting them at the airport who can then transfer them to the property.  This helps in many ways, it makes your guests feel special, safe and may help with repeat bookings and increase your rental income.
  4. Welcome Packs:
    What better than arriving at your property and have the essentials already waiting for you, like bottles of water, bread, milk, drinks etc..  This is also another service you can add on to your rental service again making your property stand out from the rest and encouraging repeat bookings.
  5. Property Cleaning:
    You are on holiday and don’t want to have to start cleaning before you go home making sure your property is clean and not an attraction to the many bugs and insects that like to move in when you’re not there.  We can also make sure your property is cleaned prior to arrival, clean bedding and towels out, again extremely important if you are renting the property out.
  6. Reliable Drivers:
    Egypt, is one scary place to drive and not somewhere many choose to hire a car, therefore having a reliable driver you can call on to take you out and about, pick you or your guests up from the airport is a must have service.
  7. Excursions:
    When booking package holiday’s there are always reps to call on to book excursions, but if you own your own property or are renting it out, what better than having someone you can call on to arrange your excursions.  Going to local reps/agents can often be a lottery but with our local contacts we can assist you or your guests to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.
  8. Property Snagging:
    Property snagging is something many property investors have never heard of, but it is a very important process in the property buying process.  If you have bought an off plan property, you will normally be paying instalments during the build with a final percentage on completion.  Before you hand over the final payment how do you know the property has been completed and is free from any defects?  You could take a couple of weeks off work and pay to fly out and stay in a hotel, visit the property and attempt to snag and make sure the site engineer understands you, then spend the next 2 weeks visiting the site to ensure they are putting right any defects, hoping they will be finished before you fly home.
    Alternatively, you can contact Rivermead Global and we will take over the whole process for you, saving you time and money.  We will have one of our team visit the property along with a site engineer, compile a report of any defects along with photos, a copy will be left with the site engineer and a copy emailed to you along with the photos.  We will then follow up with the site engineer to ensure all defects are rectified and send through a second follow up report once completed.

To view a list of Rivermead Global Property Management Services and Fees please click here

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