Al Dau Heights

Al Dau Heights

Egypt > Red Sea > Hurghada

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69 m2



Al Dau Heights

At Al Dau Heights, we aimed to realize the dreams of our clients with each bespoke, beautifully crafted apartment. Every effort was made to unify the building structure with its unspoiled setting while maximising views to the Red Sea. Designed by Simeon Halstead, the founder of world renowned Arcadia Architects, the masters of design of luxury resort destinations, this new residential raises the bar interms of quality.

Halstead created a dynamic new residential lined with boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. The residences create a sensual harmony of indoor/outdoor living. The interiors are designed to offer flexibility and individuality. German wood windows deliver a sense of elegance and vitality.

The unbeatable climate of the Red Sea is manipulated to enhance the lush greenery landscape. Pure escapism for the soul – especially applicable for fast paced city dwellers who long for a sense of well-being. Everything is linked by elements of water and vast gardens. It is a truly enviable location in which to live.

Award winning designers have been consulted to ensure the interiors of each apartment reflect a focus on the premium materials used. A palette of natural tones and textures create cool, calm interiors that are light and refreshing spaces to live in.

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