Al Dau Strand Two Bed

Al Dau Strand Two Bed

Egypt > Red Sea > Hurghada

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111 m2



Al Dau Strand Hurghada

A year-round, waterfront community by the Red Sea. Al Dau Strand Hurghada is a vibrant holiday resort destination. Indulge in a seaside experience where you can recharge, relax, dine and party in a setting that promises nothing less than spectacular views whichever way you look.

Stretching across a 105-meter beachfront, Al Dau Strand brings promises of uninterrupted views of the crystalline Red Sea coastline.  A graceful and fascinating residential strand composed of a series of diverse water features that encompass perfectly planned green landscape.  An accessible, lively and authentic waterfront community with a distinctly modern feel.

Soak up the scenic delights of the swaying waves, serene views, and warm sunset ahead. At Al Dau Strand, the shimmering shoreline is always in the backdrop, making your holiday experience the more picturesque.

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