Rivermead Global Membership Cards

Rivermead Global Membership Cards

Once again the team at Rivermead Global have been thinking about ways to give our clients a better service and this time will also be including anyone else who goes to Egypt, either property owner, renting a property or on holiday.  We are introducing the Rivermead Global Membership Cards which will be free for our clients and also free for a limited period to anyone else contacting us for one.  There will also be a Rivermead Global Membership sticker in each company/outlet that has signed up to be in our directory, we aren’t charging companies anything but they have to provide an excellent service to our clients to be included (we need feedback from card holders to ensure they keep up the high standards, many have been tested by ourselves before being included).

How Does It Work?

We have approached various outlets in Hurghada that we feel could offer our clients a discount or special offer when they produce a Rivermead Global Membership Card, it’s as simple as that.  We will have restaurants, bars, gym’s, golf, shops, excursions etc…


Our clients will be given a Rivermead Global Membership Card when they visit Egypt, non clients will be issued a card if they have requested one (during the free period and on paying a small fee after this period) this will be a credit card style card with our logo and some text in English and Arabic.  We will have a list of participating companies/outlets (with a small description, contact details and location), available on this page which you will be able to print out and take to Egypt with you, we will list what offer/discount is available from each listed company/outlet.  All you need to do is check the company is in the directory and if for example in a restaurant that offers a discount, produce your Rivermead Global Membership Card when asking for the bill and they will deduct the discount.  If it is something free or an excursion for example please produce the card upfront.

The Small Print

Really there is no small print, what we are trying to do is drive business towards companies/outlets that offer the best service, ensuring they receive good business and at the same time get our clients some special offers/discounts and provide a list of recommended companies/outlets to visit while in Egypt.  The Rivermead Global Membership Card will be free for our clients either property or furniture clients and for anyone else it will be free for a limited period while we get the scheme up and running, after this period we will be charging a small fee to cover our costs.


Our online directory can be found using by clicking here